Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilts My Mother Never Got To Make - Malaysia Green

Another from the quilt series, this one in greens, using the Smilebox website templates.

Click to play Malaysia Green, Janet Planet Designs
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Quilts My Mother Never Got To Make - China Blue

I'm working on a series of collages: Quilts My Mother Never Got To Make. They're quite small, 8" x 8", in a quilt layout. Each quilt section depicts some aspect from my mother's life. I found this website, Smilebox, that lets you incorporate your own images into templates, so I'm trying it out.

Click to play China Blue, Janet Planet Designs
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway

February 21st update:
I had so many comments I decided to giveaway a second copy of the booklet. Winners picked at random were Latharia and Couture de Papier. Prizes have been sent. Thanks to all who left comments.

I have never participated in anything like this. In fact, I have to admit that my blogging is intermittent. But I am fascinated and inspired by visiting all the blogs, and motivated by the generosity of the bloggers. So, I'm jumping on board.

I am giving away a booklet that I created for a workshop I gave on adhesives. It discusses different types of adhesives and recommends what you can use to stick one thing to another. As artists, we all tend to use glue at some time or other.

For a chance to win please leave a comment on this post along with an e-mail or some way for me to contact you. If you're a blogger or not, I will make a random draw on February 12th.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

White in Lotusland

Here in Vancouver we pride ourselves on little snow. What snow we do get usually disappears within a day. This year, we have had about 4 continuous weeks of the white stuff, which has confirmed why I don't live any further north or east. Since I live on a hill, there has been no garbage pickup or paper delivery. I haven't driven for 4 weeks and have walked to the supermarket. I realize that some people suffer through this kind of weather for 4 months every year, but I'm starting to get cabin fever.

Although beautiful to look at, I have yet to see a snow plow on any side street. I never thought I'd hear myself looking forward to rain. Although when that comes it will bring other problems I'm sure.