Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snowman Pop-Up Card

To pump up the Christmas spirit, I wanted to make more cards using Sizzix and Karen Burniston's basic pop 'n cut die with different designs.  Again I used a lot of recycled materials, all except for the glue and paint.

The cardstock used for the exterior is off-cuts from a paper distributer, cut to 5" x 11" and edged with a bit of distressed ink.  The snowflakes are cut from cardstock using the Sizzix Snowflakes #3 die and the Tim Holtz Winter Wonderland die.  The snowflakes were first painted with an irridescent silver Modern Masters acrylic paint and then with the Tim Holtz picket fence distress crackle paint.  Difficult to see, but the silver shows through the crackle.  The snowflake on the right was glue directly to the card, the one on the left was added using a foam dot.  The "Let It Snow" letters were cut from scrap cardstock using the Tim Holtz Word Play die.  A light layer of distressed ink was added to the letters.

The inside card was cut from a vinyl wallpaper sample using the Sizzix basic pop 'n cut die and the sides cut with the Tim Holtz Ornate On the Edge die. 

The snowman, branch, bird and snowflake were cut from card (recycled cereal box).  The snowman and snowflake were cut from the Tim Holtz Winter Wonderland die then painted using the same technique as the snowflakes on the front (iridescent silver and crackle paint).  The snowman was given a scarf and then glued to the front of the circle pop up section.  The snowflake was attached with a foam dot.

The branch was cut using the Tim Holtz Bird Branch die.  Only a portion of the branch was used, painted with brown acrylic paint and splashes of white added to look like snow.  The bird was cut twice using the Sizzix Birds on a Wire die, then painted with acrylic paint.  The second wing was added to give some depth.  Both branch and bird were sanded slightly and distress ink added to the edges.  The bird and branch were added to the back of the circle pop up section with foam dots.

I made a similar card with blue theme using the same techniques.

The background for the inside of this card is sample fabric glued to cardstock, then cut with the pop 'n cut die.  Again, I used a Tim Holtz On The Edge die on the sides.  I used a different section of the same Tim Holtz Bird Branch die and another bird from the Sizzix Bird on a Wire die, and attached them slightly differently.

The basic pop 'n cut die offers a lot of flexibility in designing cards.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Snowy Reindeer Pop-up Card

Inspired by Karen Burniston and Shelly Hickox I created the following pop n' cut Christmas card for the Die Cutting Inspiratioin post on the Sizzix blog.  As with most of my art I like to incorporate a lot of recycled materials.  So true to tradition, all materials used for this card are recycled except for the glue and paint.

The cardstock used for the front was an old file folder cut to 5-1/2" x 11".  I swiped the edges both inside and out with distressed ink.  The red "wooden boards" and the "wreath" were cut from a kleenex tissue box, then painted with acrylic paint.  The wreath was cut using the Tim Holtz Regal Crest die and is constructed using a technique Tim Holtz used in one of his 2011 Christmas tags.  Both were sanded and distressed ink added.  The bow was repurposed ribbon from a Christmas past.  The letters were cut from scrap matte board from a framer using the Tim Holtz Word Play die.  Letters were left white to contrast everything else on the front.

The interior card was cut from a page from a sample vinyl wallpaper book using the Sizzix basic pop n' cut die and edge cut with a Tim Holtz On The Edge die. The trees were cut from matte board samples using the Tim Holtz Pine Tree die.  Splashes of white acrylic paint were added for a snow effect and glued to the circle base (one on top of the other).  The deer are cut from an Oreo cookie box using the Tim Holz Reindeer Flight die.  The deer were coated in walnut ink distressed ink and a collar of light white string added to each.  The standing deer is attached to the top tree with foam dots to add dimension.  The leaping deer is attached to the back of the circle base.  The snowflake is cut from waste cardstock using the Sizzix Snowflakes #3 die and glue to the card.

I have yet to perfect Karen Buriston's spinners but want to have the leaping reindeer actually leap.  But that I shall leave to another card.