Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Academy of Hue

I'll be participating in Artist In Our Midst again in the spring, so I'm trying to get a head start on producing some new work.

I inherited 7 beautiful square frames - black, gold and silver - from an artist who was downsizing from a large studio to a home studio. So, I've come up with a series based on the 3 primary colours, 3 secondary colours, and white. The imagery is based on various departments of a university: theology, fine arts, psychology, linguistics, economics, biology and history.

I also inherited a set of black mattes that contain a number of windows: 3 have 6 and 3 have 12. These are from another artist who was cleaning out her storage cupboards. In keeping with the university theme, the 3 with 6 I'm using for the laboratories. The 3 with 12, I'm using for the libraries.

Detail from The Zoology Laboratory and The Botany Laboratory

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