Friday, October 26, 2007

ReVision - The Art Of Recycling 2007

Ever wonder what happened to that old trombone discarded long ago, or your mother's stash of buttons, or that pair of water skies stored at the cottage since 1962?

For the past half year I have been organizing an art event that takes place this weekend. Revision - the art of recycling is a 2-day juried show featuring recycled artwork: art made from anything reused, recycled, salvaged, scrounged or found - be it useful, beautiful, odd, playful, or thought provoking. The exhibition is being held in support of Waste Reduction Week in Canada (October 15-21, 2007).

Sixteen artists from across British Columbia will be represented, displaying over 40 works of art, inspired by their creative use of recycled, salvaged and used materials. Art entries will be on display October 27 & 28 from 11am - 5 pm at the Granville Island Hotel, 1252 Johnston Street in Vancouver.

One of my pieces, Stonewashed Orange Pekoe, is a 3-piece cast paper installation. The paper used to make the pulp came from a local paper distributor. The blue coloration comes from the paper scraps, no additional pigments were added. To make the mold for the teapot, I used an old brown betty. The molds for the mugs were worn cermaic slip cast molds. The embellishments are from an old pair of blue jeans.


Erme said...

Good words.

Laume said...

That's a great tea pot set. So clever!