Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Planner

My daughter was married this summer. Everything took place in the family home. The shower and rehearsal dinner were in the house; the wedding and reception were in our back garden. Plus, we housed and entertained guests from all over the western hemisphere.

We collectively planned and executed most of the wedding events. We rented tents - to either protect from rain or shield from sun (you never know in Vancouver). It was a friends and family wedding. Sister-of-the-bride and sister-of-the-groom took on bridesmaid duties. Family friend donated a vintage Chinese dress. A chef friend cooked all the food, another friend made the wedding cake, another photographer friend captured the moments, and band-mates sang while the couple walked the aisle (or should I say down the patio stairs). Flower decor was provided by the mother-of-the-bride and her friends who lovingly tended and talked to plants for 4 months. Some out-of-town guests were housed with neighbours. The wedding couple made wine 6 months ahead, made invitations, and even a website.

It turned out beautiful, but exhausting. I have come to appreciate the duties of a wedding planner.

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