Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today is the opening reception for Transformation: Artworks Made from Recycled Objects at Crafthouse on Granville Island. I have three pieces from the Wedding Song series in the show.

From the press release:
Nancy Adams, an ardent recycler, presents a dress made from recycled dress patterns. Ken Gerberick's lamps and assemblages are made from materials which society has used, abused and discarded, often found in Vancouver laneways. Tam Harrington has used metal steamers and colanders to create her reliquary box. Gayle Koyanagi has used bones to create a pair of sculptural shoes. Lorraine Kwan uses cast off minutiae such as glass bottles to create a rocket ship. Inspired by her daughter's marriage Janet Lee has created a series of 3-D assemblages titled "Wedding Songs: A Mother's Hopes and Dreams". Weathered lobster buoys which have been altered and made into sculptures of fish are the work of Launi Lucas. Luci Lytle turns ordinary corrugated boxes inside out to reveal the colours and textures within. Eric Allen Montgomery, renaissance man and assemblage artist presents "Parlour Games", a clock made from a 1925 crokinole board and antique games pieces. Tiny birds, insects, fish and animals are collaged into slide mounts by Robi Smith. Laura vander Linde has combined her enthusiasm for recycling and her design sense to make vinyl record purses. Linda Varro has had a love affair with tarnished silver plated tea sets, coffee pots and cutlery for decades. She has incorporated these into a unique chandelier that drips with Austrian crystals. Douglas Walker has exuberantly welded alto saxophones, French horns and other metal objects to make a magical fountain.

Transformation runs from March 26 to May 3
Opening Reception: March 26, 6 - 8 pm
Crafthouse is located on Granville Island
at 1386 Cartwright Street, Vancouver
visit for more information

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